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a space-filling meaningless word, synonym for um

a response that what someone else said was dubious in some way.
er, I don't know.

er, yeaaaaah, if you say so...
by Binyamin May 27, 2004
242 96
"Er" is used by all southside Dublin youths, who have stolen its regular use from St.Michael's College students who coined it in around 1983. Brought forward through the generations by the ever present Dr. David Wilson. It is an insult enhancer, to give it a bit more pop. It can also be used as an insult in itself. The most common definition for it is "gay" as the teacher who used it was a batty boy and said "Hell-er/Goodbye-er"...you had to be there really
"Er you fat loser"
"Er John Fucking Reid"
by mikey andreasson January 30, 2008
229 91
1: Medical acronym for the Emergency Room, where time sensitive emergencies, as well as walk in cases, are handeled. ER doctors pride themselves on possesing a wide base of knowledge to assist in diagnosing and stabalizing patients in a wide variety of situations.

2: An ABC show that was far more popular in the mid 90's, although it still commands a fairly large audience. Since it's a TV show the situations are often somewhat far fetched.

3: A semi-word in the english language stereotypically uttered when the speaker can't think of anything better to say.
1: I went to the ER last night after the accident. Jamie's hypochondriac ass was in there for a cold and I had bones coming out of my arm. What a pussy.

2: On last nights episode of ER, Neila got hooked on heroin and the got off it again while stitching up a five year old gunshot victim. Then everybody banged.

3: "I love you so much Laura.
Er, I love you so much Sheila?"
by nc state dude June 29, 2006
118 74
The Sri Lankan battle cry! Also can be used to say hello.
You: Hey what's crackin?

by Angry Persian May 29, 2007
100 67
Eye Raped. When someone stares at you and gives you a look without saying anything. Teachers do it all the time when they tell you to be quite but it never works so they give you a dirt look and stare at you to get you quite. Everyone in the class would go E.R'ed
Teacher: "Jordan be quite!"

Jordan: "Ok."

5 minutes later jordan isn't quite and is still talking while the teacher is. Teacher stares at Jordan and he shuts up. The entire class says E.R'ed!!!
by Gutternuts January 22, 2011
7 2
Extended Release
Adderall 20mg ER
by KlownjuglA August 06, 2009
20 15
an abbreviated way of describing a nigger.You have niggers and niggas, niggers being the sterotypical "thuggish" or "hoodlum" type.
nigga:" man all these ers are makin us niggas look bad up in here"
by tall dark n handsome October 27, 2011
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