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old school way of calls to do as a bike messenger
messenger: How many is on my hook
dispatch: you got 3 and heres one more for a total of 4 on your hook
by trevor (chwie) macmillan October 31, 2004
From the origin of hookah. Created in sir killians garage.
Yo we smokin the hooks?
by Manasid December 09, 2010
A slang term used by law enforcement when referring to an arrest. Or literally, the act of hooking handcuffs around a criminals wrists.
Johnson made two hooks last night and can't stop bragging about them.
by Wendell Durshser January 06, 2006
Drug dealer, mainly pot
Man the towns dry... You got a hook?
by Kent January 24, 2005
a vice lord
man fuck dat hook
by Dirty-G October 05, 2003
when a person, usually a man, inserts four of his fingers, instead of one, into a female's vagina. This gives the formation of a hook or a claw.
"I used the hook technique on that freshman girl, and she loved it."
by MaxwellH January 08, 2008
Short for hooker, a girl who sleeps around.
He banged some hooks last night.
by brunsack January 01, 2008