To give. A shortened form of Hook it up
Mark: Hook a butt, man!
Kevin: No way, I only have 3 left.
by Will Pacey April 08, 2005
Drug dealer, mainly pot
Man the towns dry... You got a hook?
by Kent January 24, 2005
the nickname for a VL ; to describe one's cycle
"Look at the hook ass nigga."
"My hook is on."
by Pynk_panther September 08, 2004
A electro-mechanical device invented by Alexander Grayham Bell; comprised of a small microphone, speaker and in more modern iterations a numeric key pad; it is used to communicate voice messages over great distances.
(ring ... ring) "Bill Dawg on the hook yo ..."
by Bill Dawg & Marianne June 17, 2004
A person who cheats on line calls in tennis.
That hook hooked me out of the last three points, dagnabbit!
by Bill April 08, 2004
(v) The act of hooking, such as a hooker does. That is, fornicating for monetary compensation.
She doesn't have a real job; she hooks for money.
by plasticus March 07, 2004
The chorus of a song
"It's hard knock life for us!"
by Anonymous September 19, 2003

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