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When a fart is expelled in the shower, a vacuum like effect takes place, creating a smell that lasts 20 times as long as normal. Its especially bad and funny when showering with a loved one.
Steven: I stopped by Taco Bell on the way home last night and got a couple bean burritos...they were delicious with the fire sauce! (farts in the shower)
Corina: Holy crap!?!?! Did you just poo pocket me?
Steven: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...sorry
Corina: UGH!!!!! Let me out! Its in my mouth! Its in my mouth!
by Hyp3rioN June 24, 2010
when your at a party and you take advantage of a drunk person by hanging a big shit in their pocket. You have to wait till they're fully shit faced so they don't even notice.
"man i was mad maggoted last night, i can't remember a thing!"
"i'll say, your still wearing the clothes you had on last night"
"sigh, the mistery of the mind. i wonder what i did last night"
in bruces thought he puts his hands in his pockets and then pulls them out just as quick to reveal his hands covered in a brown substance
"what the hell is this shit!"
"thats what it is man...SHIT! someones given you a poo pocket! hahah poopoo pockets. hey everyone check it out, Bruce has poopoo pockets hahaha
Bruce runs like a girl to his room and cries into his pillow
"man if i were you i wouldn't be on my bed crying, id be getting those bloody pants off me and hoping into the shower. you have someone elses shit in your pockets for christ sake!"
by Misphit_Aus October 04, 2006
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