A Cadillac; 60s black slang
"In the Hog, until I dropped the last whore off you could have heard a mosquito crapping on the moon."
-Pimp, by Iceberg Slim (1969) p. 13
by asdfads September 05, 2007
A beefy motorbike such as a Harley Davidson
Hey Johnny, I see you got yourself a hog there.
by eatshit May 14, 2005
A male genitalia averaging any where from 9" to 13" at some points.
Wow! You really got a hog there.

For god sake!, put that hog away your scaring the children.
by kac2013 January 04, 2011
Adjective/noun. It's an acronym for: Hot.Older.Guy. It can also be used in a plural form as well.
Adjective: George Clooney is a total HOG.

Noun: In the restaurant we are approached by a bunch of HOGS.
by VTGIRL November 16, 2010
A hot old guy.
Brad Pitt is such a H.O.G.
by SpeedzyB October 26, 2009
slang for dick, comparable to schlong
"damn it felt good when she was sucking on my hog"
by The Rust Of Tydes August 01, 2003
N. 1.a rather unattractive person, usually obese.
2.One's group of friends.

Adj. 1.the act of doing something foul.
2.being greedy or selfish.
A.J.: "Hey look at this hog thats coming around the corner."

Matt: "Tom went to a party full of girls and didn't tell us about it."
Braden: "Thats hog."

Tom:(answering phone call)"What's up you disgusting hog?"
by Haven Squad September 01, 2008

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