Hot Older Guy. Not to be confused with a COG
Damn, my new teacher is a total HOG.
by Amazonians October 27, 2011
The word "hog" is used to describe someone who is dirty and hoggish.
These "hogs" have been seen eating frozen corn from the bag and telling people to "lick it".
Also known as a "swine" or "dirty hog"
Example: You are such a hog! why did you eat all of the corn?
by babybird527 July 15, 2011
Abbreviation for ' Homosexual Online Gamer '

First used by Marv Vito on the 3/6/2010

Can be used in the banter that takes place during Online gaming (mainly MW2).

Can morph into the word - ' Hogsy '
In the lobby of MW2 -

Cyber athlete - I'll kill you

Me - Shut up cunt

Cyber athlete - I'd beat you in a fight, I'm a personal trainer

Me - Oh great, we have another HOG

Friends in the lobby * Laughter follows, by hard heckling * - HOGSYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, you fucking HOG, shutup HOG, etc etc

Cyber Athlete gets heckled into submission.
by Friend of the Vito's June 05, 2010
A hot old guy, usually looking much like George Clooney or Bradley Pitt.
Jane: DANGG GURL I just saw a HOG!
He was nice and old, just the way I like 'em.

Mary: Aww nice! Break me off a piece o' dat!
by HOGular lover October 13, 2009
kind of cute, fat chick. Found working at del taco, that would, if you let her, attack your penis like a wild animal, and ravage it for all it's worth
I met a nice little hog in the del taco drive thru, maybe I'll give her my number.
by irvinesucks August 25, 2007
A hot old guy.
Brad Pitt is such a H.O.G.
by SpeedzyB October 26, 2009
Hot Old Guy. Older man dating younger woman.
He is such a HOG, all of his girlfriends ar atleast 5-10 years younger.
by Cindy m December 16, 2008

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