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slang for dick, comparable to schlong
"damn it felt good when she was sucking on my hog"
by The Rust Of Tydes August 01, 2003
14 18
N. 1.a rather unattractive person, usually obese.
2.One's group of friends.

Adj. 1.the act of doing something foul.
2.being greedy or selfish.
A.J.: "Hey look at this hog thats coming around the corner."

Matt: "Tom went to a party full of girls and didn't tell us about it."
Braden: "Thats hog."

Tom:(answering phone call)"What's up you disgusting hog?"
by Haven Squad September 01, 2008
3 8
a lil white gurl ho! ho becuz that whut she is, and g for gringa which means white in spanish!
look at that lil ho-g! wearin' a skirt in tha middle of winter!
by chica caliente March 08, 2005
4 9
a lil white gurl ho! ho becuz thats whuts she is, g for gringa!
look at that lil ho-gie, wearin' a little skirt skirt in tha middle of winter!
by Chica Calineta March 07, 2005
4 10
1.The whole male genitalia unit. The cock and the balls.

2. A crude drawing of a shaft n' balls.

3. A friend
A cock bust is worse than a ball bust, cuz it breaks the whole unit.

I hogged Jimmy Mahoney's binder in health class today!

I invited a buncha hogs over tonite!!!
by e-hog March 23, 2004
11 17
A person who his tough or "hard" (hard-core). For those who still don't understand(white foke, j/k)...someone who is "cool" get it now?
1.) Man you know mah dude Armon! He a hog!
2.) Man I ain't gotta take this sh**, ima hog!
by Ayoola October 04, 2007
32 39
a savage.
Man, she let you hit? You a Hog!
by erica August 23, 2003
13 20