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Managing to have sex.
Looks like I won't be scoring tonight!
by brendan May 13, 2004
In Irish slang, to 'make out with' or tongue kiss.
Did you see Stephanie scoring with the guy inthe back of the bar?
by oxford_p March 20, 2011
1 to shoot and/or kill someone.

2 to succeed at something and/or to acquire money.
"I'mma ride on brick squad catch a nigga I'm scoring" -Chief Keef Diamonds lyrics
"Black boy scoring his life, I'm scoring the Oscars" -Pharrell MMG The World Is Ours lyrics
by TyquanTHO May 02, 2013
Buying or otherwise acquiring drugs.
"Hopefully i'll be scoring some heroin in the next hour or so.."

etc.. ;)
by your mom on a stick February 17, 2009
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