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A slang term for male genetalia popularized by the Opie and Anthony radio program.
Ben's hog is so big he could screw a hula hoop
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1. Short for warthog, or any kind of pig.

2. Affectionate term for one's motorcycle, especially a Harley.

3. Unofficial name for the A-10A Thunderbolt II ground attack jet, becoz its HARD and butt ugly.

4. The Recon Vehicle in the game Halo.
1. Hogs are my distant brothers, all I need are tusks to dig out them grubs.

2. Ya like mah hawg, boy?

3. The Hogs never let us down in OIF... they tore up everything with iron bombs, CBUs and of course that big-ass 30mm cannon!

4. I've got the Hog, you're gonna be a speedbump!
by Monk of War May 30, 2005
Term for police. Derives from police slang "pigs"
"Damn! Its the hogs on our tail!"
by Eric R. April 25, 2005
A title earned after completing the Marine Corp Scout Sniper School. Meaning: Hunter Of Gunmen
I have completed the USMC Sniper course and can now call my self a HOG.
by JeterInfidel January 10, 2012
to use chewing tobacco, to throw in a hog (pinch)
hogs is refered to as a can of chewing tobacco
by hoggin April 04, 2010
Acronym for Hidden Object Game. Played on PC, similar to Where's Waldo.
I am going to waste my time finding crap in a HOG.
by hoghound February 17, 2010
1. A another name for pig.
2. A vehicle in the game series Halo (Mostly know as Warthog)
3. Someone who doesn't share or is greedy
4. Someone who is fat
5. Short for Hot Older Guy
6. A insult
1. Aww look at that cute little hog.
2. Here you kill the Elites while i go grab a Hog (Warthog)
3. Mum! Dave is Hogging the TV
4. Your such a fat Hog! Go and get some exercise
5. OMG! That HOG really makes me sweat.
6. Oy Hog come here. I got a snout for you!
by IRmjii April 05, 2013