Heavily Obese Girl

She usually has alot of confidence and doesnt think she is "that big." Often seen squeezing into clothes that are too small and/or wearing clothes that she shouldnt(halter tops, mini skirts, two-piece bathing suits, etc).
Jeremy: Look at her wooble!
James: Yea, she's a H.O.G.
by Kitty05 October 04, 2007
1. Short for warthog, or any kind of pig.

2. Affectionate term for one's motorcycle, especially a Harley.

3. Unofficial name for the A-10A Thunderbolt II ground attack jet, becoz its HARD and butt ugly.

4. The Recon Vehicle in the game Halo.
1. Hogs are my distant brothers, all I need are tusks to dig out them grubs.

2. Ya like mah hawg, boy?

3. The Hogs never let us down in OIF... they tore up everything with iron bombs, CBUs and of course that big-ass 30mm cannon!

4. I've got the Hog, you're gonna be a speedbump!
by Monk of War May 30, 2005
A title earned after completing the Marine Corp Scout Sniper School. Meaning: Hunter Of Gunmen
I have completed the USMC Sniper course and can now call my self a HOG.
by JeterInfidel January 10, 2012
Term for police. Derives from police slang "pigs"
"Damn! Its the hogs on our tail!"
by Eric R. April 25, 2005
Abbreviation for ' Homosexual Online Gamer '

First used by Marv Vito on the 3/6/2010

Can be used in the banter that takes place during Online gaming (mainly MW2).

Can morph into the word - ' Hogsy '
In the lobby of MW2 -

Cyber athlete - I'll kill you

Me - Shut up cunt

Cyber athlete - I'd beat you in a fight, I'm a personal trainer

Me - Oh great, we have another HOG

Friends in the lobby * Laughter follows, by hard heckling * - HOGSYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, you fucking HOG, shutup HOG, etc etc

Cyber Athlete gets heckled into submission.
by Friend of the Vito's June 05, 2010
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