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To partake in the act of fellatio. Particularly used in the West Of Scotland to describe oral sex. Can also be the noise a turkey makes.
Git yir gums aroond ma plums, gis' a gobble
by GingaNinja April 30, 2005
to smother a man's penis with anothers mouth and a fluid motion
Your mom definitely can gobble some cock
by Skillet November 13, 2003
The fatness that hangs down under fat peoples chins
Look at that lady's gobble!
#fatness #chins #fat #chubby #wiggly #gross
by dashpie April 04, 2009
To slightly play with ones balls in a spirit finger type fashion, while gobbling like a mature male turkey.
Shane gobbled Spencer in a friendly way.

I want to gobble you!
#gobble #goobled #gobbling #gobbler #gobbles
by Herpekreem7269 August 22, 2009
the forearm thrust from one man to another mans guch from the rear in which the thrusting mans hand grasps around the other mans scrotum and wiggles his finger violently (frontal are gay) the area between the scrotum and the guch is considered the gobble
always protect your gobble
#gobble #gobble gobble #gooch #sack #guch
by special steve og July 12, 2009
A fat, filthy co-worker who is as worthless as the handicapped turkey on South Park.
Frank: Hey, this user needs help with their laptop.
Gobbles: I can't. I have to get a chicken bone out of my beard.
Frank: You useless Gobbles!
#lame #worthless #useless #stupid #pathetic
by JC Costello September 07, 2006
the act of giving head to a man in a manner that is similar to inhaling a large slab of meat
man look at your mom gobble that
by kyle glazier November 12, 2003
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