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Verb: To "do goodfood" is to take part in the event of enjoying a delicious meal either from somewhere or home made.

Noun: A meal meeting the requirements to be called "goodfood".
As a verb:
"Dude where are you going?"
-"To sheetz so I can do some goodfood"
"Man I'm trying to do some goodfood here soon"

As a Noun:
"I'm going to sheetz to get some goodfood"

For example: a subway sub is just regular food. But if one were to get a sub, a subway pizza, heat up some nacho cheese with some chips and combine all three, then you are doing goodfood.
by d cast November 23, 2008
A euphemistic term used by ethnically conscious white folk to describe a community that has more cultural variation than their own.
White Guy 1: Have you been to Chinatown?

White Guy 2: No, but I hear there's good food there.
by amazinglypeecee May 08, 2006
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