pcp ; angel dust ; ozone ; embalming fluid...etc...etc...
i snorted hog all night...now i feel like shit.
by instant_retard February 02, 2005
short for Warthog in the game Halo
Joe-getsho hog here quick mofo I got the flag and I need a ride!!!!!!!!!
by Joe January 19, 2005
(verb) To deliver a curling rock short of the hog line.
"You hogged the rock! You owe us all a drink."
by v3ck November 16, 2005
"Be a part of the HOG sensation that is sweeping the hog nation. HOG warmups is a progressive new way to warm up your body and mind for a show. It is not just about your voice anymore. Be prepared for some serious movement to new wave and hip-hop music. Are you ready?"
Tribal Dancing, hip hop
by Wizard of HOG May 26, 2004
overloading the bottom lip with a big dip
Damn I'm craving some nicotine, I need to throw in a fat hog.
by kevin February 27, 2003

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