A person from a rural area, most often white. They are afraid to venture into "big cities" and refuse to accept anyone who lives or once lived in a city. They may have heated arguements about Ford vs. Chevy and are willing to die for their auto-maker of choice. They consider Nascar a sport, and if a foreign car wins hell may have just frozen over. They have no tolerance for change or advancement as they are often poorly educated and ignorant. Often times they refer to items as "she" or "them" and speak with an accent.
Hick: "Them Chevys are the greatest cars in the world."

Me: "Go fuck yourself... hick"
by eugene54 May 03, 2008
1. a noun; A derogatory term describing or referring to a person from a rural background or community. The noun hick usually describes lower class whites raised in rural areas on trailer parks or hog farms. Generally used more for Midwesterners and people from southern Ontario than Southerners (see: redneck)
General defining characteristics of a hick: Protestant upbringing, usually Baptist; racist and sexist opinions; does not attend collage ; dumber than a post. They often have poor grammar and drive pickup trucks. They care very little for the environment and often do not realize that their livelihood farming, is dependent upon a healthy and stable environment. However they are not solely farmers. In fact most hick's live in rural areas and live off welfare because they are too stupid to know how to farm.
They can usually be identified through the usage of the following words. Y'all, Yous (They fail to recognize that you can be both plural and singular) We's Thems, etc.
Thus they have poor comprehension of vocabulary and basic tenants of the English language.
Kerri Lee Smith: Thems people from the city are such butt fucking idiots.
Me: I can't believe how stupid my roommate is. I cannot believe she just said that yet spent all weekend being fucked in the ass, thus failing to see the irony of such a statement.
I wish she would just drive her pickup truck back to her fucking trailer park.

Further Example: (In hick writing) "Yous people turn them alarm Clocks of! Its 1:30 PM in the morning! I cant gets no sleep cuz of yous butt fucking idiots! I'm horney!"

"I pokes my urethra with a Pencil to get them bacterias out"

N.B. My Roommate Kerri Lee Smith is such a huge fucking hick. She calls all people from the city butt fucking idiots and usually demonstrates poor grammar. E.g using expressions such as "good on ya", "sure as fuck",
by Owen Jones November 28, 2007
some one who lives in the country, born and raised, more than 15 miles from a city. Lives on a farm, instead of useing fields for crops they use the feild for mud running. own atleast one motorcycle and are very into what type of vehicle they like. drink bear 18 hours a day. wear harley davidson clothes. have a nine inch lift on there truck with huge muddin tires. have a party just to go hunting. animals are not allowed in the house. and are racist
my dads side of the family is every thing i just said above, we are your typical hick, we live 20 mile from the nearest town, we two motorcycles, very into ford trucks hate chevies, drink bear everyday of the week, have parties to go hunting, play in the mud with our dirt bikes and four wheelers, we live on a farm, cats and dogs sleep outside, my dad is very racist.
by paulc May 23, 2006
one who has only been doing things one way there whole life and is afraid to try something different. hicks don't act civilized and are often rednecks or hillbillies. hicks are everywhere.
hicks can be found in every country.
by clevelandsteamer August 06, 2005
My Grandma, my cousins who fuck each other, and my 13 year old cousin with a 15 year old son.
Wyatt's grandma is such a hick.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
City folks believe this is a derogatory word for country people, or people who live in rural areas. This word however is considered a compliment to many southernersđź‘Ś
*city prick*- "oh you're from the south? You must be one of those hicks."

Southerner- "yep pretty muchđź‘Ś"

• yee yee •
by RedneckChickđź‘Ś March 03, 2015
People that wear plaid.
Chew tobacco.
Listen to country.
Act stupid.
Rock beer guts.
Hunt religiously.
Watch Nascar.
Fail in school.
Missing teeth.
Collect guns.
Live on a strict diet of beef jerkey and sunflower seeds.

These freaks a nature are usually from Wisconsin.
Alicia- WHOA look at those hicks!
Teresa- Must be from Wisconsin.
by StoutSucks November 12, 2009
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