People that wear plaid.
Chew tobacco.
Listen to country.
Act stupid.
Rock beer guts.
Hunt religiously.
Watch Nascar.
Fail in school.
Missing teeth.
Collect guns.
Live on a strict diet of beef jerkey and sunflower seeds.

These freaks a nature are usually from Wisconsin.
Alicia- WHOA look at those hicks!
Teresa- Must be from Wisconsin.
by StoutSucks November 12, 2009
A word that is rather rude describing white people in the South and Midwest. Just because we don't spend $500 on clothes or drive Porshes doesn't mean that we are inbred, poor, and can't read and write. People should actually meet people from these regions before they write about them.
"That girl from Missouri is such a hick."
"How do you know? You've never met anyone out of new york city."
by Sweet1 April 12, 2006
Poor wilderness dwellers, common in the southern united states, but can sometimes be seen in the remote parts of California. Characteristics: stained clothes, mullet, shotgun, frequently accompanied by bloodhound dogs.
Hey maw, wut'r we gonna hay'av fer dinuh to'naht? Awww shucks! Possum grits a'gayn?
by p33n June 28, 2003
adj; a derogatory term used to define a lower class sometimes not-too-bright white person from the deep south; someone who makes you say "fugoda"word
see "honkie"word
Fugoda! sometimes i just can't stand those kentucky hicks!
by denni tesswuh June 02, 2003
a country or southern living person ( not a hillbilly or redneck) someone who enjoys country living (usually white)likes raising animals, farming, going to the county fairs, showing animals like cows ( steers and or heifers) swine, goats, sheep and maybe even rabbits. not like a redneck because they are civilized and educated. probably live in town or just outside of the city limits ( not in the boondocks). kind people usually baptist or mormon. say yall sometimes if from texas. live normal lives and have normal jobs just enjoy other things like fishin huntin and country music
shane- im goin fishing this weekend do u wanna come bill?

bill- sure shane i'd love to come just make sure we bring our radio fishin ain't no fun if u don't got music....thats soo hick

shane- thats fine with me

jane- annie are you showing anything at the fair this year?

annie- yeah i have a heifer and a goat.....are you showing anything?

jane- yup i have two pigs.

annie- well i hope u do good and keep up with all the work.

jane- ok i glad we are hicks
by june ann November 21, 2009
Derogatory racial reference for a white person living outside of twenty miles of a major city. The hick sterotype is usually accompanied by references to UFO's, pickup trucks and other facets of rural life.
That trailer park is full of hicks and niggers.
by Emma600 January 11, 2006
See definition 47. Now there is a prime example of a hick!
Henry is an ignorant hick.
by calicutieeee January 01, 2005

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