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My Grandma, my cousins who fuck each other, and my 13 year old cousin with a 15 year old son.
Wyatt's grandma is such a hick.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
22 20
Poor wilderness dwellers, common in the southern united states, but can sometimes be seen in the remote parts of California. Characteristics: stained clothes, mullet, shotgun, frequently accompanied by bloodhound dogs.
Hey maw, wut'r we gonna hay'av fer dinuh to'naht? Awww shucks! Possum grits a'gayn?
by p33n June 28, 2003
78 76
adj; a derogatory term used to define a lower class sometimes not-too-bright white person from the deep south; someone who makes you say "fugoda"word
see "honkie"word
Fugoda! sometimes i just can't stand those kentucky hicks!
by denni tesswuh June 02, 2003
13 11
A word that is rather rude describing white people in the South and Midwest. Just because we don't spend $500 on clothes or drive Porshes doesn't mean that we are inbred, poor, and can't read and write. People should actually meet people from these regions before they write about them.
"That girl from Missouri is such a hick."
"How do you know? You've never met anyone out of new york city."
by Sweet1 April 12, 2006
29 28
See definition 47. Now there is a prime example of a hick!
Henry is an ignorant hick.
by calicutieeee January 01, 2005
7 6
also living in louisiana, i am related to such hicks. a hick is a person who is totally unaware of common hygeine, and is sometimes derogatory towards people of other races because they think that hicks are the rulers of the south and any other form of person is considered "unpure". BTW i am not a hick.
One who pronounces Fire as FUR
ex. go over there and get me that alligator sausage offa da fur.
by livid December 27, 2004
21 20
People who have all the characteristics of a country bumpkin but denies daily that he is associated with hicks. They love green beans and date white girls named "shawntaes, lacresha, bonquiqui" they go to pjc and have shaggy justin bieber hair. Their names usually start w/ an S and last name starts w/ an H.
Dadgum, Shane is so dang hick.
by Greenbean123 December 04, 2013
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