I live in louisiana so obviously my definition is accurate seeing as how i know many 'hicks'.
The crude term hick is for an uneducated (or not properly educated) person who in result mispronounces words and is not very smart it is true that there are people in southern states that live this way but it is a common misconception that everyone in louisiana is a hick also people do not eat roadkill and possom pie these are terms, nick names, for certain types of food and many people eat food that has been in there family for generations, cornbread, red beans and rice, people living in the southern states and rural areas do no have sex with there siblings or relatives therefore with this definition now added i hope that people instead of ranking themselves highly over people like that they should take a second look and rank themselves lower you never hear about a 'hick' writing unkind and untrue definition of people just because of the place they live, their income, or the type of food available for them to eat so next time your make a redneck joke consider this if you had to hunt and kill most of your food to survive you wouldn't be making fun of other people in that situation
Jack is such a hick i can't understand anything he says.
by Wacky July 12, 2004
A derogatory term for certain rural dwellers used to play up the overrated hype of urban conformity. Hicks reject modern doctrines of chasing class, sophistication, and materialism either outrightedly, or because they can't be bothered with venturing out of their simple yet humble lifestyles. They tend to not worry about insignificant things like trends and fashions and sometimes walk into the bank wearing their "shitkickers" to enjoy disgusted reactions. They are often called old fashioned but know that the urban community established by capitalist bankers and freemasons with too much money and power is only a temporary thing that like most fads will go out of fashion in due time. Too one's disgust, "City slickers" and urbanites who are generally regarded as being more refined or worldly have earned more favorable names like "gentleman", "intellectual", "beau", and "smoothy" mostly due to the fact that they, the ones in control of urban hubs and centers are also the ones in control of mass public influence, and the English language for that matter. After all, the country people are responsible for the bucolic plague!
After Bush got elected for his second term, the Waits family said "the hell with this fascist crapola!" and retired to the country to be hicks.
by Jesse Stacey February 08, 2007
Characteristics of an extreme stereotype hick: lower class white person who wears nascar and/or wwf attire, jnco jeans, sweaty tanktops, lives in a trailor, has a ton of junk in their front law and probably has second or third cousins living with them.
Hicks like nascar and wrestling.
by H B M June 30, 2004
a redneck. person who thinks fun is mud bogging and drinking beer
I live with a bunch of hicks, in a hicktown
by effingham101 February 01, 2009
The state of bieng when one is 17, married to their cousin, has a rose tatoo on their back, and enjoys watching nascar on the tellervision.
Darlene: Wer'e parents!
Dwayne: But your my cousin!

that is a prime example of a hick.
by Manieki March 17, 2008
A word that is rather rude describing white people in the South and Midwest. Just because we don't spend $500 on clothes or drive Porshes doesn't mean that we are inbred, poor, and can't read and write. People should actually meet people from these regions before they write about them.
"That girl from Missouri is such a hick."
"How do you know? You've never met anyone out of new york city."
by Sweet1 April 12, 2006
George W. Bush.... need I say more?
with a hick running the country what do you expect to happen?
by dance,dance January 10, 2006

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