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a country or southern living person ( not a hillbilly or redneck) someone who enjoys country living (usually white)likes raising animals, farming, going to the county fairs, showing animals like cows ( steers and or heifers) swine, goats, sheep and maybe even rabbits. not like a redneck because they are civilized and educated. probably live in town or just outside of the city limits ( not in the boondocks). kind people usually baptist or mormon. say yall sometimes if from texas. live normal lives and have normal jobs just enjoy other things like fishin huntin and country music
shane- im goin fishing this weekend do u wanna come bill?

bill- sure shane i'd love to come just make sure we bring our radio fishin ain't no fun if u don't got music....thats soo hick

shane- thats fine with me

jane- annie are you showing anything at the fair this year?

annie- yeah i have a heifer and a goat.....are you showing anything?

jane- yup i have two pigs.

annie- well i hope u do good and keep up with all the work.

jane- ok i will...im glad we are hicks
by june ann November 21, 2009
Derogatory racial reference for a white person living outside of twenty miles of a major city. The hick sterotype is usually accompanied by references to UFO's, pickup trucks and other facets of rural life.
That trailer park is full of hicks and niggers.
by Emma600 January 11, 2006
Also known as a "country bumpkin" this species is typically dumb as shit they thrive in most barns and commonly fuck farm animals . It is also known for wearing overalls and carrying a shot gun for no reason. They are not well educated and usually drop out of school . The only thing a hick is good for is making the rest of society look good
Jedidiah: awweh look right dur cuzin feeessstus is done dere fuckin da sheep again

Festus: don't blame me im a HICK
by Vladimir Krokrustinofvskir June 04, 2012
A hick, also known as a person of white complexion who uses 1 % of their brain on a good day, who rocks a mullet, and lives in white suburbia sheltered from the elements. Also in some instances the word hick can be associated with DICK, if the persons name is Richard. Also chk out deff for exceltoexcel
Exceltoexcel is a hick, he lives in a trailer with his mom and 2 dogs,and washes his mullet once a months.
by Vdubbn January 01, 2005
someone from southern California
Wow that is sure some hick-ass,tattooed,pierced,toothless bastard.

And look,his girlfriend has her ass-crack tattooed too!

A rudely derogatory and hypocritical and racist term used by ignorant liberals who live in the city and rape and kill eachother and their sisters and their mothers and sometimes even their fathers.

These liberal idiots claim to be for the environment and yet have a snobby attitude towards anyone who doesn't live in the concrete amongst the gay bars and the dildo shops and the tattoo parlors and the strip clubs and other sleaze such as pimps and hoes and drive-by-shootings.If you don't enjoy all that then you're an ignorant "hick" who doesn't know what you're missing (in their view)

These big city retards also like to "hick bash" by making fun of "mullets" as if only people from the south have ever had long hair.Nevermind that just about every rock band from Los Angeles in the last 30 years has had a mullet.Especially them tattooed and pierced 80's glam fagz! And they all did meth-amphetemines first!
And talk about living in trailers...

Hollywood actors sure spend alot of time in trailers fuckin their producers!
by Goddamn I hate hypocrites August 12, 2004
those people who talk funny in texas chainsaw massacre or someone who lives in a oldschool silver, shiny pill shaped trailer, talks funny, has a mullet, wears trucker hats, has ripped up jeans and a belt with a semi truck or a gun on their belt buckle
hey look its billy bob johnson what a fuckin hick lets go piss on his trailer and put sand in his dirtbike
by jesse November 02, 2003