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Somebody who is trying too hard to be something they're not. Named after Ann Heche - trying to be a lesbian, when clearly she isn't.
guy1: Urg, that skank is trying to be ghetto, when she's clearly gap
guy2: What a Heche
guy1: If she tries any harder she'd be Ann Heche.
by Hollaback April 02, 2008
An old man with an extreme temper who plays golf. He also has a major drinking problem
The old man gets very angry when he plays golf drunk. Wow fag what a heche.
by dolphinstew101 October 23, 2009
N. (Pronounced "HESHEE") .The act of forcing one's hand towards the crotch region. From the same family as "Pesci" and "Teshi. Purported to have first been tried on Anne Heche by Harrison Ford in the Movie "Six Days, Seven Nights"- She resisted bigtime. .
Much to the delight of all their friends, Murray gave Eric the pantless Heche of a lifetime.
by Hubert J Cumberdale August 17, 2005
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