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A name meaning Grace in Hebrew, the name of the blessed Mother of Mary who gave birth to Jesus, a common name amongst royalty and the sickest bitch who owns all the boys on the block. Often the bearer of the name copes with the burden of extensive beauty and valor, and gracefully imbibes the pleasures of money, sex, music and drugs.
Oh I wish my name was Ann instead of Killian, so I could enjoy the manifest destiny of the name and all the spectacular wonder attached to it.
by Enga Pulderiens April 28, 2006
Name meaning grace, but also one who has a great sense of humor, intelligent and an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure; most who meet her love her to death. But be warned as she has a small fuse on patience. So don’t mess with her! She will take a lot, but once she's done taking, she'll dish it out well. She’s not one to put up with ignorance and will cut you quickly if you allow her to. She has a great confidence about her and you will think she owns the ground you walk on. Guys should be careful engaging in a relationship. She’s worse than any love potion you could get! Once you get to know her, you’ll never experience anything like it again.
Wow! How's he get lucky enough to end up with Ann??

Why can't I be more like her, she's so awesome!
by wazitgonnabe February 04, 2010
A basic white girl who thinks she's queen when really she's a peasant. She enjoys all basic white girl things like Starbucks and spending her Mormon family's wealth on food and nude and black colored clothing.
" OMG!! I'm so Ann with my Chipotle!"
by Itscolton December 01, 2013
Ann is the name of crazy bitches from central Florida also referred to as A.J. They are of the white trash origin and stuck in the 80s with the scrunchies up in her hair. They are not graceful, musical, loving or friendly. They often wear clothes that are too small in all aspects in order to get attention because of her low self esteem & manly body. Like most girls of this genre, she doesn't know how to maintain herself and relies on her mother for hygenic responsibilities. i.e. brushing and washing of hair, maintence of the vaginal region, clipping of nails, .... etc.
Bro that new girl is a total Ann, avoid her!

Stop Ann-ing and pull yourself together!
by th3m1lkM@n October 06, 2012
A tall young lady with hair that changes color on a regular basis. Whenever she sees something slightly amusing, she bursts into convulsions of laughter that involve her shaking like she's about to explode, stamping her feet on the floor and pointing to the thing that she finds so hilarious. You can find Ann in her natural habitat, or Armadillo Grill, where she will be in a booth usually surrounded by people. You can pick her out of the crowd with her signature catchphrase "fuck my life". But when you get too close you are in danger of her throwing things such as World History textbooks at you or using umbrellas to forcefully hit you in various uncomfortable places, although most times she will simply sprawl across you and decide that moving would simply take too much work. The Ann, though, is a very kind and loving creature, with an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure, and most who meet her love her to death, and I am no exception.
We're at Armadillo Grill, maybe we'll see a wild Ann

Someone just said "fuck my life!"
oh god! an ann is nearing!

Let's go on a six-mile jog!
I'm feeling kind of Ann today. Let's just sprawl out on the floor instead.
by Lili P January 18, 2009
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