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urg is an expressional word that expresses, frustration, anger, fright, hate, bitterness, love, kindness, happiness, and sadness. This depends on how you use it.
Urg! My girlfriend gave me a father Nelson the other night.

Urg! Who the hell stole my wallet.

The Urg Man tells all to go out and vote against George W. Bush, Urg!
by Urg Man June 25, 2004
Means power, speed or force (New Zealand Slang)
I buy a better, faster Broadband modem to give me more "Urgs"
by Monstacat February 17, 2009
A sign of Distaste, Short for I'll Kill you
Urg! I hate Mark Petersen
by Misterdiddlz December 24, 2014
Acronym: You Are Gay

Variation: URAG - You Are All Gay
"I just received an email from Frank, all it says is URG?"
by Steventon April 20, 2010
a word that is used to describe how you feel.
urg! you're so annoying!
by xopixieox August 14, 2009
to replace the phrase "meh"
"wow urg so much better captures my expression than meh!"
by rucabee12 April 02, 2009
1. The act of throwing up.

2. A word which may replace any other single word in a sentence, effectively taking on the meaning of the replaced word for that sentence.
1. Yo Jerry just drank 8 handles of vodka, you think he'll urg?

2. The object of the game of grifball is to urg the bomb into the opponents's goal.
by Urg_Stain January 10, 2009
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