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(Verb) To coerce or firmly guide someone into performing oral sex.

Comes from the movie Casino, where Joe Pesci, in an automobile, uses his hand to "persuade" a woman into going down on him.

"That girl would not stop talking, so I Pesci'd her"

"Did you Pesci her?"
by SCA Alumni November 24, 2007
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Having a somewhat vague, lukewarm, or slightly negative connotations.

If "pesci" was to be rated on a scale of 1 to 100, it would rank a solid 43.
There are many clouds today, I say, the weather is looking a bit pesci.

The pizza at Farinon was definitely pesci today.

Dude! That chick you hooked up with last night was mad pesci as hell! What were you thinking?!
by The Definers of a New Vernacular September 08, 2007
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To feel apathetic towards a person, place or thing.
From Wayne's World:
"It's, like, I'm feeling a bit pesci today," he muses, "like, I may or may not want some fish."
by AdamF July 20, 2006
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One who swears uncontrollably. From the actor Joe Pesci.
by Izzy June 18, 2004
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Aside from being an Academy Award-winning American actor, comedian, singer and musician.
{noun}. To feel a bit un-easy, queasy,nauseous, like you're gonna fuckn hurl your fuckn guts all over the fuckn floor and shit! Get the fuck away from me you fucking fuck before I fucking puke all over your fucking ass!!!
Fuck! I think I'm fucking getting the fucking Flu, I feel real fucking pesci right now! Back the fuck off!
by Mr. Bravo December 18, 2008
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Matt pesci is so jewish....god damn afro

You Sir, Are a pesci!
by Dan October 08, 2004
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