The greatest thing ever!
Did I ever tell you about the worst head I ever got... yeah it was awesome.
by Cole Richards November 30, 2005
USMC language for bathroom or rest room
Sgt. i need to use the head
by Jesus5511477 March 02, 2010
The tip of a male's penis.
"He tried to put his head in my vagina but I stopped him."
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006
gettin ur dick sucked or eating a girls pussy
i love getting head from all my bitches
by pimp September 29, 2003
Someone who sucks a guys dick til he cums.
Winnie gave Kunal head and swallowed his kidds
by UNKNOWN June 07, 2003
Head is a term used to describe a serious marijuana user in the 70's & 80's. the origins are still unknown but it's a wide belief it was an abbreviation of the term "pot-head" but a lot of old timers disagree.
"Hey, bro! On your way, could you pick me up some papers at the head-shop?"
by GOrimace December 22, 2012
1) The end of your penis.

2) The act of sucking one's penis.

3) The top-most part of your body.
When you go down on me, start by running your tongue on the head of my cock.
by sculpted October 30, 2011
oral sex when the girl (or guy, if you're gay) sucks on the head of the penis
"oh man she gave me great head"
by liz knows all December 17, 2007

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