person who uses drugs in school
The Heads hang out in the woods behind the metal shop.
by The Mango January 12, 2004
n. pl. Money, especially paper currency; bank notes; American dollars, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes (any denomination), etc.

Big or large heads indicates a larger denomination.
A lemonhead refers to a known counterfeit.

The word refers to the common appearance of a famous statesman's head (e.g. George Washington on the one-dollar bill, Benjamin Franklin on the hundred-dollar bill, etc.) illustrated on the front face of the note.
I keep a bunch of heads in my wallet. You could call me Perseus.
by Praeteranimus June 07, 2011
Well head is when a woman or female puts their partners cock/dick/penis into her mouth and sucks on it for a good 5 minutes
i just got head off my girl friend
by sexonfridays May 19, 2009
Military, usually Naval, term for a restroom. Comes from sailing ships -- when on a ship without facilities, you hung your ass off the head of the ship, and crapped into the ocean.
Man, I've got to piss. The head is third door on your right.
by devylish July 10, 2008
That big hard object that is on top of your neck and some people have the ability to think with it
that tree does not have a head
by iambleh March 17, 2016
You have two of them:
Head A (Primary): Your Brain
Head B (Auxiliary): Your Dick
Girl: I wanna suck on your dick head.
by Barack_H_Obama October 21, 2015
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