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What is a......Bitch
B= Beautiful
I= Individual
T= That
C= Causes
H= HardOns
by Tara March 18, 2005
Letter often used by morons where S would be more appropriate. Sometimes denotes a plural, but may be included for no clear reason whatsoever. Tends to accompany aLtErNaTiNg cApZ and the substitution of letters with other ch4r4ct3r5. See also gay speak.
AiGhT PpL I g2g LaTeRZZZzz!!!!!!!11
by tara August 09, 2003
the ultimate addiction.you could spend a lifetime gazing at him and still thirst for more
the world was on fire, no one could save me but you...
by tara August 27, 2004
stupid, pathetic, dumb, annoying
you are such an rtard, that is a softball, not a basketball.
by Tara January 29, 2005
A sporting event that steals the attention of all men and leaves their wives and girlfriends wondering where the hell they disappeared to!
Dean is so much into March Madness that he completely has forgotten about his girlfriend Tara and is close to getting dumped for ignoring her.
by Tara March 29, 2005
Have lost ones mind, gone nuts.
After studying so much, I have gone cuckoo.
by Tara February 24, 2004
while playing basketball, if you get fouled on a shot AND make it....
"he takes it strong to the hole...(gets fouled and make da layup)AND ONE BABY!"
by tara January 05, 2004

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