an amazing abbreviation of the name Graham. It works on SO many humerous levels!
person1: hey Ham
person2: hello ham
person3: morning ham!
by HUGHES April 28, 2004
A glorious meat. The meat with the most humor value. It also tastes the best on pizza.
"Mmm, I sure could go for some ham right now."
by Jess April 25, 2004
A persons butt
Oooh, she got ham!
by brittany February 17, 2004
Heavy-set person who shows no concern for hygene; see slovenly;lazy
ham is a fat-devil
by big pun March 11, 2003
A man's flaccid penis.
I love HAM, said ryan. It just tastes better!
by Hammy Goldstine February 05, 2008
A species of geek that lives on the radio spectrum. Usually elderly, often cantankerous, almost always male, can probably dismantle your brand-new walkie-talkie and put it back together in working order in under an hour. Often appends an incomprehensible jumble of letters and numbers to his name (his radio call sign).
by Brian X September 16, 2003
1. noun: A tasty pinkish meat that is cut from a pig.
2. adj: A word to describe the exhaust sound from a ricer's car.
1. "This is one tasty ham sandwich"
2. "This kid flew by me and all i heard was hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm."
by bobushka king April 13, 2003

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