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In current usage, any disastrous situation. The balls referred to are NOT testicles. The term dates from the days of wooden sailing ships when the existence of a shipboard disaster, such as plague, lack of food or water, mutiny, etc. was communicated to the outside world by hoisting large-ish, brightly painted wooden balls up into the rigging. Balls of different colors represented different disasters and therefore served as either requests for assistance or warnings to stay clear.
Ed: What a complete Balls Up!
Ted: You said it.
by Paul Dellechiaie January 01, 2008
A complete disaster.
Less profane form of 'fuck up'.
Sam threw a party for Jessica, but without beer it was an utter balls up.
by FBM July 17, 2003
When someone says they are going "Balls Up" , they are going go all out & do whatever they do not given a fuck! Like getting "turnt up" or going "Balls to the wall" their not going to go hard no matter what.. BUT...if you start your night off "going BALLS UP" you know your night starts right & not "Balls to the wall" (cause Balls to a wall sounds awfully painful)

" I'm going to go BALLS UP tonight & hopefully I can end up BALLS DEEP & not BALLS SMUSHED TO A WALL orrr BALLS FLAT .. Cause you got too smashed!! WHATEVER you do, don't Be a little bitch & go no balls out ...because then really YOU'RE JUST a pussy ass bitch with NO BALLS AT ALL.. BAHAHAHA! MIC DROP..DUECE!
by VixenBeck September 11, 2016
To gain courage; to "be a man"; to get some balls
Dude 1: Man... I can't ask her if she swallows...
Dude 2: Come on, Balls up!
by drock2342523 December 11, 2006
#1) A word created by the famous Australian John G. used to celebrate a happy memorable moment.

#2) Can be used for a toast followed by a clink of beer bottles.

#3) Can also be used to describe anything with *AWESOMENESS*.

#4) A great way to express happiness after a touchdown in football or a goal in soccer.

#5) A term used to celebrate a victory. Similar to yelling "BLACK JACK!" or "BINGO!"
"Ninjas = BALLS UP!!"

"Go Lakers... BALLS UP!!" (followed by a clink of beer bottles)

"I just made a sale... BALLS UP!!"
by Ask DK Live February 01, 2009
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