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The act of throwing or placing slices of meat on cars, houses, etc. It is the new TPing.
Do you want to go hamming around the neighborhood tonight?
by Owl Kid March 31, 2011
13 12
The act of a man going without underwear but only if he is well-endowed.

From Jon Hamm.
I can tell that Frank is hamming it. I don't think Gary has enough equipment to be hamming it.
by Jon Hamm May 13, 2013
3 3
The process of going HAM
Guy 1: yo, what are we doing tonight?
Guy 2: Getting some beers and hamming!
by Ham master March 19, 2013
3 4
Making a complete balls up of a particular situation, or event.
I kept hamming up my chances of scoring with Angela!
by kneecapper December 18, 2006
13 25
The act of pressing ones naked ass into anothers face while they are asleep or being held down. Meant to degrade or offend the hammed individual. Very effective.
Hey, we're hamming Tom tonight.
by Vlade October 19, 2005
19 33
the act of taking somebody's pillow and shoving it in an asscrack and rubbing it back and forth to get that smell, also farting on a pillow can constitue as hamming or hamming it up
you are hamming your towel by doing that
by slapapig September 23, 2003
17 39