an incognito term for marijuana
helpful when trying to be discreet
Hey man, is the deli open cause I need some ham.
by The Doc March 03, 2003
noun. The name to call one who has half a leg, his new name will become HAM (Half A Man)! :) ((didn't know you could make your own, now I do. Have fun today, and see you on Tuesday!))
Queening is HAM! Yay, your turn buddy to write a word to put in the best dictionary in the world!
by WhooshMush May 17, 2007
Derived from the Adventures of Brindsey and Littany. It is an acronymn for the Hot Adult Males tribe on the deserted islands.

It is used as an adjective in one of two situations:

1.) to describe an extremely attractive man
2.) to describe a very hot and smutty fanfic.
"Ohh, with that emo cut and tight jeans, he's so ham!"
by Synthetikax May 04, 2007
Ham means vagina.
Like ham wallet, or slimey wet ham.
Person 1: I hate you.
Person 2: Your mom.
Person 1: Your mom's ham!

Omg, get your hand out of my ham, I'm not gay!
by Gabe's Bitch June 17, 2008
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