Three letter code for Hamburg Airport (GER)
We arrived at HAM without damaged luggage
by AndyCircuit July 25, 2006
acronym; means hoe after menopause
Man, she about 50 years old and her mini-skirt is way short. She a HAM for sure.
by LBT/Antimosity November 16, 2003
A thick, stout, juicy female. think count thickulla.
Derivative: like tom chasing jerry with a hambone that resembles a shorty's thigh.
yo so me and my boy roll up to this party, but when he sees all the cuties heading for the door he's like yo all the hot ham is escaping.
by jahyeti November 08, 2003
a man's penis
man, she got down on my ham last night
by August 30, 2003
A person who is easily manipulated. A push-over.
My father is such a ham, he gives me money whenever I use my baby voice.
by julie September 01, 2003
Anal intercourse
Let's go to the kitchen and get some "ham".
by Sentientdeth August 07, 2003
Hot Ass Mom

Synonym: MILF
Man, your mom is a HAM.
by Dan July 07, 2003

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