throwed ass abbreviation for HOE ASS MOVES made up by the real big meats in houston.
REAL BIG MEATS:Dog bean pulled a ham for 20 quarters!
BIG MEATS:I know fuck that nigga
by REAL BIG MEATS November 13, 2006
1. Horny and Mexican, 2. Hard as a Motherfucker.
1. Jose walked out of the strip club (his grandmothers house) all HAM.

2. I was so HAM in your mom last night bro, she was lovin it.
by George "the Faget" Fisher April 02, 2010
hot ass mess
damn u a ham
by 2curtis2 August 16, 2008
wack style. not steezy. not with it. SHOT.
OGO: "yo did you just see that kids trick on the down flat down?"
MATTY: "yea that kids style is pretty HAM!"
by CHRIS, LINDSAY April 18, 2008
dubbed a new slang term for marijuana december 22nd,2007.
you guys want to smoke some ham?
by senia socialite January 02, 2008
To call one who has Half A Leg allowing his name to be HAM!
Matthew you are such a HAM!!!
by Kayder-Kyder May 23, 2007
A shortened slang term for the city of Birmingham (i.e. Alabama's largest city). Among other things, the town is noted for a large 50 foot iron man who's ass is always hanging out as he gazes over the city. He's known to the locals (and a few Romans) as Vulcan, the god of steel.
Yep, one of these days I'm going to kiss Vulcan's hard arse goodbye and split this Ham!
by T Wade October 17, 2005

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