Gripping half of the head of a penis tightly so that one part is red and another part is white.
When I gurp my penis, I feel like its going to explode
by pipppyy November 12, 2012
Verb. to Gurp: to choke on a penis during oral sex
Hey Rob, how was your night?

It was okay. I brought home this dude and gurped on him... really soured the mood.
by Arbiter111 April 01, 2014
To drink in excess. Usually accompanied by marijuana use.
"I got way too gurped last night, I'm just smokin today"
"I'm gonna get my gurp on today!"
by extrapolated March 21, 2006
Guy 1: Man that kid has long hair
Guy 2: If only he was indian we could call him gurp!
by some red skin July 08, 2011
The action of a nice sloppy Blow jobber! Noise made and fluid created resulting in a gurps noise....gurp gurp gurp...
Man I've been on the road all day , i Hope my bitch gives me gurps when i get home.
by Misiu Pisiu February 05, 2010
Being in a temporary or permenant state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of ingested psychoactice substances. These may include alcohol, marijuana, hallucunigens, prescription drugs, or any combination of these listed substances.
Andrew Gurp. Andrew is gurping. Lets go get gurped. I'm gurping so hard right now.
by Andrew Gurp August 07, 2009
psylosibin mushrooms that are often hallucinogenic in nature, it can also refer to other hallucinogenic drugs as well.

it is a verb (to gurp), a noun (gurps, gurpage, gurp, gurpies), and an adjective (gurped out, gurped, gurpified)
Dude i was so gurped last night
by Mamao May 14, 2007

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