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(verb) To get coked the fuck out.
I was straight fucking GURPED last night.
by Skurt Grustle March 16, 2008
12 34
Here is the real defintion of gurp,: To gurp or "gurpin'" is being high off of meth also known as "crank". People who gurp, are also known as gurp monkies or methmaticians. This definition of gurp brought to you from the "yay area".
You see that fool Billy? He was on one, just staight gurped!
by The Yay Area February 28, 2008
39 61
to get ones penis sucked
see that girl she gives mad gurps
hey girl do you give gurps
by fcgk22 October 03, 2005
12 34
short for Gurpreet.
a very cool and damn nice person. should meet her =)

**could be a girl's or a boy's name.
BOB- hey look! there's gurp! she helped me walk a dog today!

ROB- i know! she made rotis with me! =D

SNOB- wutever...
by rotiman June 05, 2009
7 30
Verb: To make a mistake, to fuck up embarrassingly.
Noun: A mistake, a party foul.
Did you see ted spill beer all over janie? He totally gurped it!
Gurp move!
by Eric Biggidty September 25, 2007
7 30
to steal or have the intention of stealing something
imma gurp Logan's bike
Dude i gurped so many poptarts from safeways
by the slap man July 09, 2009
5 29
To ejaculate. Usually used just by itself. See examples.
I gurped on her face.

Gurp, gurp, gurp.
by GurpMan August 20, 2007
1 26