to steal or have the intention of stealing something
imma gurp Logan's bike
Dude i gurped so many poptarts from safeways
by the slap man July 09, 2009
To ejaculate. Usually used just by itself. See examples.
I gurped on her face.

Gurp, gurp, gurp.
by GurpMan August 20, 2007
An attitude or situation causing a retraction of the lower jaw, potentialy causing drooling, and the resulting noise. Gawping.
Used on its own to describe a response to a given (stupid) situation.
man 1: 'So we were stuck on the road for over 30 minutes which was playing havoc with the sandwiches in that heat and...'

man 2: 'guuuurrrrrrrrp'
by Doghair February 26, 2004
A combination of 'gulp' and 'slurp.' To quickly and quietly swallow an entire portion of food without chewing or drawing attention.
I didn't even see Chase gurp down that entire plate of spaghetti.
by Jessica February 16, 2005
Consuming alcohol. The act of getting drunk.
"Were gurpin' it up at Nicole's house tonight."
"There's a gurpfest on friday!"

by DevinsMom November 05, 2008
gurp: to slob ones knob
gurping: to reapetidly slob ones knob
gurper: giver of the gurp
gurpey: the reciever of the gurp
Yo P-Jimmy, stop gurping tool and have a tip on dis foty ounce.
by Busta August 13, 2003
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