Vomiting, with a humorous connotation
"I had the gurps last night after I drank too many grasshoppers." GURPS! "Oh there I go again!"
by EvanP September 08, 2006
varient of gurper. from the dungeons and dragons creature called a Gurp. a dorky person.
Hey, don't gurp out on me now, put the stamp collection away.
by Doctor Awesome February 13, 2004
The act of burping into another person, or having been burped into, anally.

"Yo bra, it would be totally fresh if you gurped me."
"I was gonna go over to Todd's to gurp; mind if I bring your N64, your Miller High Life, and your Butterfingers?"
"I heard someone got gurped so hard, their head was blown clean off."
by Diva D. February 03, 2007
To consume left over or discarded food from another person. This can be something you do after the person has left the table, or can be attempted while they are still eating. Common locations to gurp include the table of a restaurant or out of a dumpster.
Vince: "Ben, what are you staring at?"
Ben: "Look at that fine piece of corn bread over on that table. You think that lady's gonna finish her food?"
Vince: "I don't know, but if she doesn't I'm gonna gurp that shit right up."
Ben: "Sounds good, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and gurp the trashcans for dessert."
by gurpy August 28, 2009
means "SHUT UP" to people named davis.

OMG WTF....would u just GURP already?!
by mom November 20, 2004
to chock on one's testicles
Your mom gurped on my balls last night
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
An expulsion of flatulence in a bathtub.
What's that noise? Is your sister making gurps again?
by pentozali November 09, 2005

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