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The reason I skip 8am classes.
If ya booze you loose.
I drank too much booze, I think I might spew.
by Busta April 18, 2003
moonshine in a can blackout after a 12pack is GUARANTEED

211 on the cans should be replaced by 911
i drank the steel reserve and wound up getting head on the side of the road with a fatty mcnasty girl
by busta May 22, 2006
gurp: to slob ones knob
gurping: to reapetidly slob ones knob
gurper: giver of the gurp
gurpey: the reciever of the gurp
Yo P-Jimmy, stop gurping tool and have a tip on dis foty ounce.
by Busta August 13, 2003
The Coolest dude in Valley 3.
"Ya, Go Broncos!, Yea Western!" - Busta
"Who has daughters?" - Busta
by Busta April 18, 2003
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