Vomiting, with a humorous connotation
"I had the gurps last night after I drank too many grasshoppers." GURPS! "Oh there I go again!"
by EvanP September 08, 2006
Top Definition
A term used for a burp after giving a blow job. Can get a little bubbly and induce gagging.
Did somebody just gurp, because it smells like penis in here.
by Zach Beyer February 21, 2005
Term oftenly use to mean getting your dick suck blowjob,or getting head.Oftenly given by a girl of teen age as a form of oral sex.
she gave good Gurp
She is a major Gurper
by royalfreshness April 08, 2008
acronym for Generic Universal Role Playing System, published by the Steve Jackson Games company of Texas.
GURPS allows players to simulate action in virtually any historical or imaginary setting.
by Figleaf23 October 17, 2007
Generic Universal RolePlaying System
1. Call of Cthulhu is the best of the GURPS
2. I don't care, just fix my computer
by DrLore September 03, 2008
To drink heavily and party hard with a group of friend or at a party.
While at the party, we will all gurp hard and we don't give a fuck!
by Gurpmasta69 April 26, 2011
gurp or gurpin' means someone whos is under the influence of drugs such as crack, or thizz(ecstacy)
Awh man she was gurpin on that pill last night!
by Leprian December 15, 2009
to be butthurt or complain every five seconds over something. you may hear some people saying the following phrases when referring to the act of gurping: "gurp me harder", "gurpin burger" or "gurp juice" these mean that somebody is "gurpin" extremely hard. another word used at northgate high school created by ngb.
"I was gurpin so hard when I found out I wasn't gonna get road dome from that chick."
"I just at the biggest gurp burger at that party, damn that sucked."
by 924bayareashitmayne March 05, 2010
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