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super hot
that bitch in my 3:00 class is smokin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by anderson February 25, 2003
260 52
A girl or guy who is beyond hot.
Now at the point of smokin (super hot)
joe: did you see that girl over there?
kristen: yea, thats cassie fario!
joe: she is smokin!
by Joe Beck November 21, 2006
189 66
1. Hot
2. Act of smoking a joint or blunt
1. Wow that's smokin!
2. Smokin' with my homieees
by SmartyG September 19, 2006
36 6
A word to describe a fast hot looking car.

Also connotes burning rubber as in drag racing, causing the tires to generate an excessive amount of smoke suggesting power and dominance.
Rob's supercharged Cobra is smokin!

Rob's Cobra was smokin last night as he blew the competition away!
by Alk2 April 01, 2007
32 55
tokin the reefer with your homies
yo bitch lets get smokin with my dogs
by mac daddy fresh July 22, 2003
37 87
in other words chillin or relaxin.
killa kyle: watchu doin baby
sppiirroosss: smokin
by killa ctg May 22, 2006
15 81