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A smart fart that took the elevator up.
this definition is used by the burper after the event has taken place.
by MERVERNATOR April 08, 2005
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The absolute sexiest thing a woman can do.
Girl: -Belch.-
Ralf: Marry me!
by Ralf April 05, 2005
Trust; comfortable around that person.
Tracy : -burps-
Nathalie : Ewl ! Tracy !
Tracy : Oops, sorry. It's just that I burp around people who I'm close with, like you.
by PockyMerchandise(: March 24, 2009
Burp: Release of digestive gas from the mouth.
Man, don't fart and waste it, when you can burp and taste it!
by Minge Tickler May 04, 2010
an impolite sound made in your mouth when your tummy needs to "rest"
When John Minklinzy gulped down 5 pints of milk in 5 seconds flat, he made a burp that Angela Minklinzy could hear at the park where she was playing with their dog, Tobby Harts.
by Crystal Daisy April 19, 2011
An extreme gasious oral eruption.
when I burp it smells like garlic.
by Ross Pierro April 03, 2004
an excuse for a jackass to try and impressive a usually hot lady
doesnt work guys
Eww that guy thinks he's soooo kewl when he burps!
by ONIN WARRIOR February 28, 2011
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