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1. Often indicative of emotional stress, temporary frustration, or, most likely, a lull in casaul conversation.

2. Cute catch phrase used by alluring females.

3. Primal animal sound made by Cro-Magnon-type males.

4. Found at the tail-end of Tig-grr.
"Grr. Perhaps I should do something about the couch being on fire."

"Man hungry. Need go hunt and kill feroocious beast. Grr!"

"Drank too much beer. Must find spot to pee! Grr!"
by JamiSpoon May 23, 2003
Sound of Frustration.
Grr Fuck Face that hurt!
Get off my Koolaid Grr!
by Andy February 17, 2004
n. **pronounced gers** GRRS stands for Game Related Rage Syndrome.

It is the anger that ensues as a result of playing a video game. This anger is nothing that can be controlled by most people and produces a primal rage in the nicest of individuals. This rage is only curable by either beating the game in question or causing someone physical pain. Many times, this rage causes the player to throw their controller at the television which causes an even more advanced stage of GRRS to commence.

Coined By: Kennard W.; Definition By: Zach W. (created 10/3/10) -066042-
When playing Halo online, I was killed 37 times by a moron with a sword...I can feel the GRRS beginning to flow through me...
by Popsiccle October 03, 2010
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