abbreviation for "grraw" sound dinosaurs make through their teeth when trying to hold back a rawr nowadays copied by modern grizzy bears
grr you are lucky i am refraining from eating you right now fellow leaf
#rawr #grraw #reow #rara #rahh
by blair95 April 27, 2011
What some teenagers make when they are angry
1. Frustrated about relantionships/friends.
2. frustrated about stupid assignments
3. Cute sound!
Grrr i hate how he cheated on me

grrr this essay needs to die!

Grr. I be a panda!
#grrr #rawr #panda #eep #omg
by Zoesaysrawrandstuff May 14, 2009
this is what pandas say
panda: grr
by elbow October 27, 2003
Something said in anger, frustration, confusion, or boredum.
Grr i hate you!
Grr im bored!
Grr what are you talking about
#emily #conor #josh #hot topley #kirby
by Emmmy February 09, 2009
Usually used to indicate anger or frustration. When used this way, it is given a harsh tone. The more r's it has, the angrier the person is.
GRRRRR....That guy is running off with my socks!!!
by lmbc2 April 26, 2004
A noise mostly made my males and females who are sexually frustrated.
Char says: i'm your dirty little girl
Dano says: grrr
by Char July 29, 2003
"i want to fuck you" in dinosaur
Guy: Grr

Girl: What did I do?

Guy: It means "I want to fuck you" in dinosaur
*Girl slaps Guy*
Girl: Perv
#grr #dinosaur #gr #dinosawr #fuck
by rugbychick182 April 11, 2011
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