Acronym for Great Republican Recession. Pronounced with a low growl as "grrrrrrrr."
If only Al Gore had won, I wouldn't have lost half my savings in this grr.
by Brian N. Backus January 29, 2009
Means you're sexually frustrated.
ugly people grr a lot.
by lovely me July 18, 2004
ending or substitution in a word or just saying grr.
what the grr are you doing?

look at that truck drivegrr.
by sam hixson March 07, 2008
the name of an awsome and crazy alain robot. invader zims pal.
grr says stuff like "look what i found, it smells reeeal bad" and "hi floor! make me a sandwich!"
by herman November 10, 2004


The GRR is supposedly a grou of bands that will wash away all the nu-metal crap with 70's style rock. I don't see it happening myself, unfortunately.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
The expression dogs use if you bark at them, or act like your going to hurt them, but they know you're really just playing.
Huamn: WOOF! HEY!!!
Dog: GRR!
by adam October 11, 2004

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