A sound to signify frustration, usually sexual frustration.

or can mean

I wanna fuck you!
Joe was talking dirty to Ali and making her horny but he was out of town and couldn't satisfy her so she just responded with GRR
by Nayeli<3 April 21, 2011
A word describing frustation that can be used solely by one person.
Grr is Pooja'a word.
by proofforyou October 22, 2007
when used it's more of a word than a noise, but it means you're sexually frustraded
you're going at it then the phone rings and your boyfriend/girlfriend answers it, this would make you grr
by nitz December 12, 2003
Another name for Gerardo. Grr is an amazing spanish man, who will whisk you away to an amazing land with every word he speaks. (with an accent of course)
He's sexy, and fun.
Intelligent and silly.
And sometimes acts like a cat. (meow)
And he often has a brother that calls you a whore but its ok :)
Kat: Were you skyping with Grr last night?

Michelle: Oh alllll night baby ;)
by Cl@I43 August 10, 2011
expressing anger
grred: angered
grrness: im kinda upset

is really spelled with two Rs but if you are very very angry and be spelled with more Rs
1) 'i am very grred'

2) 'whats up?'

3) 'grr!'

by tree hugger October 03, 2006
A grand as in one thousand. Prounounced like a dogs growl like girl without the l.
I saw some nappy ass weed earlier today and the homie wanted a grr for a quap what dumbass.
Damn I got like 40 grr on that shit!
by Juan Valdeez January 08, 2006
a word often used by aggravated/vertically challenged people, most commonly in response to their attractive friend being annoying
C.J : Grrr...Josh !!!!
by Josh April 28, 2004
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