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means 'inside-i-pop'..like a guy bustin a nut in a girls mouth.. SADAPOP
by elbow March 31, 2003
this is what pandas say
panda: grr
by elbow October 27, 2003
fnu fnu skcollob.
by elbow October 27, 2003
Origin: Oberlin College.

Something marked by excessive social consciousness (or by the attempt to demonstrate it).
"Don't cornflakes repress women?"
"That is such a stupid obie-dobie thing to say."
by elbow October 11, 2004
running after an orange root vegetable. or you could use a speed boat.
CARROT: you'll never catch me!!!
RANDOM PERSON CHASING CARROT: (runs up behind it) yes i will...ha!
by elbow October 27, 2003
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