a very confused boy who does not know how to get home and if you talk to him he simply says yes even if the answer is no, or maybe you didn't even ask him a question he is affraid of dogs and cats but his favourite animal has to be a cockroach, yes thats right. he seems to be a kean little swimmer, but only in puddles because anything over 5cm's then he'll drown. he loves putting his wellies on, and jumping in the sink. he really likes aliens, in fact he believes his grandparents are from outer space so thats why he's frightened of them
he does really enjoy his food, thats why he has a podge on his belly and when you give him a hug you seem to disappear
lets go for a gordon,
how are you gordon? "yes"
by Jaja123... August 24, 2008
A giant Fag who plays on the comp all day. Or a Fag who lies about EVERYTHING.
dude quit being a Gordon.
by Dannypearly June 30, 2009
A Gordon is a person who is not good a things like video games, sports and other. In conclusion a Gordon is not a thing you want to be called.
If you and your friend were playing games and you beat your friend 25 to 0 in Halo you have my permission to call him a Gordon.
by Ryan Dopson May 24, 2008
Doing a gordon means to have homosexual sex with a man wearing the typically gay atire of tight jeans and a fishnet vest.
Steve was doing a Gordon
by Steve Urdic December 20, 2006

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