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Short form of the word sandwich, which has way too many sillables.
That's a nice looking wich you've got there
by stokes February 29, 2004
Inittialy the first name of a peruvian "Wicho Dominguez" that won the lottery and basically went from rags to riches. Commonly used to name someone who has money or just bought something that it is expensive or really cool. Slang used by peruvian surfers to say cool, dope or expensive.
El/Ella es wich! (He/She is wich)
El/Ella es wicho! (He/she is wich)
El/Ella es wichaso! (He/she is really wich)
Se compró un BMW de la wich! (He/She bought a really wich Beemer)
Tu reloj es de la wich! (Your watch is wich!)
#de la wich #wichaso #wich #cool #rich boy #rich girl #rich #dope #fly #bomb #player
by DE LA WICH! December 12, 2008
Another form of the word with.
Sup wich you, fo shizzle
by greeny October 26, 2003
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