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a hot dog bun
Put one of them faddles in this gordon, please.
by detlefschremph May 07, 2011
Commonly abbreviated as Gordy (aka Gmoney)

1. Your mom's wet dream
2. A poonslayer with a large genital region
3. Your dad's wet dream
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's long lost cousin
5. A manipulator of words (and women); a punslayer
6. Employee of the month at Ching Lee's Dog Grooming Service
1/3. Friends' parents: We need to get some more tissues - Gordon's cumming over.

2. Poon 1: I was driving through Compton the other day and a wild Gordon jumped in the car and fingered my butthole.
Poon 2: mmm... keep talking

4. JGL: Yeah Gordy's a homie

5. Professor Pussytin: You aced the test Gordon.
Gordon: I (insert playing card here) the test.

6. Dog "GROOMING" Service
by bigbuttocks January 03, 2014
A man that frequently forgets his wallet and is always hoping for a free lunch. We believe he maybe part Native as he is 1 quarter Cheap-a-wa
You forgot your wallet again Gordon? No this is not a free lunch today.
by puckhogca July 20, 2011
There is only one Gordon and he is the Freeman.
Dr. Kliener: Great Scott! Gordon Freeman!
by The One Freeman April 01, 2010
an avoirdupois unit of weight equal to seven baby seals (4,20.0 kg), divided into three men, used for ordinary commerce.
Mark: "Man, I just took the shit of a lifetime. I feel three Gordons lighter.
by Soulja Boyz August 24, 2008
Some dork who thinks he's cool when he's really not. He's usually fat and hates being called "Gordo"
"Did he trip and fall AGAIN?? Why is he such a Gordon?!?!"
by cutie-x August 20, 2011
Another word for a can of beer.
"Jeremiah you wont believe it! I've drunken three Gordons in a night! Hehe."
by georgeyboy1 February 25, 2008