Commonly abbreviated as Gordy (aka Gmoney)

1. Your mom's wet dream
2. A poonslayer with a large genital region
3. Your dad's wet dream
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's long lost cousin
5. A manipulator of words (and women); a punslayer
6. Employee of the month at Ching Lee's Dog Grooming Service
1/3. Friends' parents: We need to get some more tissues - Gordon's cumming over.

2. Poon 1: I was driving through Compton the other day and a wild Gordon jumped in the car and fingered my butthole.
Poon 2: mmm... keep talking

4. JGL: Yeah Gordy's a homie

5. Professor Pussytin: You aced the test Gordon.
Gordon: I (insert playing card here) the test.

6. Dog "GROOMING" Service
by bigbuttocks January 03, 2014
You are a phenomenon if you are a Gordon. Always elusive and seemingly crazy, they can be both the greatest person in you life or the one who makes you want to hide in a hole. They are either a person you hate or love.
I miss you, Gordon!
by pekingcat=^'.w'^= June 02, 2016
A Gordon is that awkward boner received in class. For instance, say you have hard wood in the middle of a boring class period. The teacher calls your name to get up and answer a question presented on the board in the front of the class. At this point you have a raging erection formed in your pants. The name for this boner: a gordon
"Dude, did you see Joe's massive gordon in class today?"
"Dawg, that was a fat cock!"
by dankogkush November 24, 2014
A man that frequently forgets his wallet and is always hoping for a free lunch. We believe he maybe part Native as he is 1 quarter Cheap-a-wa
You forgot your wallet again Gordon? No this is not a free lunch today.
by puckhogca July 20, 2011
An arrogant low life scum who feeds off drama and negative attention.
No one cares about Gordon's opinions.
by Thgkvvgnnb March 30, 2016
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