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An incredibly large person, known for his love of fast food, especially the pies for sale at half time at a football (soccer) match. Tends to take up more than one seat, and obscures the view when you're trying to watch the match.
Oi, pieman, move it so I can see the pitch!
by Pete October 06, 2004
Also known as Homer Simpson aka Mr. X aka Homer Sampson aka Homer Thompson.
"Look out! Here comes Pie Man! And there's his sidekick, The Cupcake Kid! (Bart)
by G-Union May 04, 2004
The piemen is a pastry dough membrane that covers and protects the warm, savory filling.
Chris "Hey man, that pie is looking pretty good over there.."
Matt "Yeah I wanna be it's first and break that piemen."
by m_rainwater May 11, 2009
a wordlard-arse
Fuck me, Sgt Mark Kersley (RAMC, att 2 RGBW) is a right pie-man
by rooster September 09, 2003
To obsess over an ex girlfriend, to the point of sending her mother a letter.

In the realm of cyber space, there was once a hunk of a man, who did not posses a bright red nose, a shocking face or eyebrows which looked like they had their own type of follicle down syndrome - who was left by his "fat, thunder thighed, whore of a girlfriend" for a "balding, old, overweight German paedophile" thus sending him spiralling down into a word of despair, sadness and anger. However, credit to be given to this man, he did not turn emo. Oh no, he sent his ex's mother a letter. He sure showed them.

To over react in such a pathetic and bordering on compulsive, obsessive and plain old pathetic manner, is doing a Pieman.
I love her so much, I had to go the pieman.
by Darky from Big Footy February 26, 2006
a term used to define people with pie hats and moneen shirts.
pieman, youre the coolest.
pieman's computer has quit!
by slex July 19, 2004
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