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1. An extremely sexually orientated type of person

2. Can also be referred to as quite a nerdy person.
1. Girl: I knew him for 10 mins before he tried to come onto me.
Girl 2: Jeeze he's such a Gordon.

2. Girl: I was there for 3 hours but he played WoW the whole time.
Girl 2: Jeeze what a Gordon.
by Spaface July 21, 2009
A halucinagenic legal drug used as a substitute for hash that can be bought in head shops. Can be bought either in pre-rolled joints or in bags.
Guy 1: ''I was running around naked in some randomer's garden thinking the garden gnomes were my friends. .''

Guy 2: ''How much XXX did you have?!''

Guy 1: ''I could've sworn it was only 1 joint. .''.
by Spaface March 23, 2010

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