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When someone continuously steals someone else's lines and claims them as their own, even if they have no clue what it means.

Also can be referred to someone who takes breaks during sex.
Guy: "Yeah that movie last night was BITCHIN'"
Girl (later on in the day): Have you seen my new bleached hair? It's BITCHIN'!!!
Guy (to his friend): She just Gordoned me! If that cunt steals one more of my lines I'm going to run her over.

Girl: That guy is such a BAMF...
Girl 2: What's a BAMF????
(Everyone laughs at her)
(Later in the day)
Girl 2: OMG my dog is such a BAMF!!
Guy: Do you know what the fuck your saying? *Slaps her*
Guy (to his friend): That's what happens when you Gordon someone....you get slapped

Guy: I don't know what happened man, we were doing it and all of sudden she needed a break...
Guy 2: Ha Ha you just got Gordoned!
by captainobvious1984 November 23, 2007
A rare breed of silver back gorilla found roving the ranks of the US navy.
Watch out for that gordon in the bushes he looks horny
by armitage May 12, 2006
is a male who without hesitation thorws himself onto a mates girlfriend, or taken women/girls, and boyfriends seem not to care that much as he is a gordon!
"hey loook at that guy he is full sitting on caitlin, boy will alex be pissed"
"hahahah waattalegend,...oi...Oi dude check out that guy hes pulling a gordon!!!"
"hey babe your mate just grabbed my ass"
"hahaha oh dont worry hes just pulling a gordon"
by adskeeoner February 22, 2008
When shopping, if you pick something up and then decide that you don't want it anymore while you are still shopping, you toss it in some random location (not where you found it), and you have gordoned your item. People commonly gordon items because returning them to their original locations is just too much effort. Besides, it's someone's job to replace items so people who gordon things are actually helping the economy.
Guy: Do I really need another man purse?
Girl: Not so much.
Guy: Do you think I should gordon it?
Girl: Sure do!
Guy: Done! (as he randomly tosses item in nearest bin)
by Furter January 22, 2008
v. to get a girlfriend and bitch out on all friends, completely ignoring them in order to hang out with said girlfriend.
Guy 1: Dude, have you seen jimmy lately?
Guy 2: No man. He got a new girlfriend and he's gordoning like a motherfucker.
by what-in-gods-name June 26, 2009
a very confused boy who does not know how to get home and if you talk to him he simply says yes even if the answer is no, or maybe you didn't even ask him a question he is affraid of dogs and cats but his favourite animal has to be a cockroach, yes thats right. he seems to be a kean little swimmer, but only in puddles because anything over 5cm's then he'll drown. he loves putting his wellies on, and jumping in the sink. he really likes aliens, in fact he believes his grandparents are from outer space so thats why he's frightened of them
he does really enjoy his food, thats why he has a podge on his belly and when you give him a hug you seem to disappear
lets go for a gordon,
how are you gordon? "yes"
by Jaja123... August 24, 2008
1.) A device used to smoke weed using a metal piece (such as the metal at the end of a vcr connector cable or anything metal you can find that has a bowl), a cap that the metal piece is put into at the top (cut a hole for the metal in the cap), a propel or gatorade bottle in accordance with the cap (you screw the cap on the bottle), and a hole burned in the bottom of the bottle. Once you have assembled the gordon, place the weed in the metal bowl (you may have to put a piece of screen at the bottom of the bowl). Then, light the weed and and suck on the hole you made at the bottom of the bottle. Watch as the bottle fills with smoke. If there is smoke still in the bottle, you may remove the cap and hit the bottle from the top, an action known as "clearing the gordon". Evidence suggests that it was invented by hockey players.
2.) slang for weed
1.) Dude, lets go rip victory gordon!!!
2.) Holy shit, you gotta love gordon!
3.) Vicotry gordon is gonna be so sweet after we beat those serra fucks in the playoffs.
by Teppo February 26, 2007