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goof (1): a silly and foolish person.

goof (2): make a mistake.

goof off (3): waste time.

goof-off (4): someone who wastes time and isn't serious.

goof up (5): make a mistake.

goofy (6) : silly.
1."What a goof you are!"

2.I really goofed on the test today."

3."Stop goofing off and help me clean the house!"

4."A goof-off never does well in school"

5."Oh no! I really goofed up!"

6."Kids always make me feel goofy!"
by Iyad English January 26, 2013
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a goof is a child molester in prison that likes young boys.they must be kept in protective custody. quite often murdered or beaten into comas.
to snuff a goof would be glory
1061 670
goof Slang. noun
1. An incompetent, foolish, or stupid
2. A careless mistake; a slip.

goofed, goofing, goofs verb, intransitive
1. To make a silly mistake;
2. To waste or kill time.

verb, transitive
To spoil, as through clumsiness;
bungle: goof up a job.
why do you goof around all the time?
by Achilles March 17, 2004
588 361
the lowest of the low. a bottom feeder. Prison term for bitch. Fighting words in some cities.
Your a fucking GOOF.
by JamieP June 26, 2005
531 321
Prison term for pedophile. Usually found getting their asses kicked by other inmates.
"Yo, check out the goof in D-block."
by Razi March 06, 2003
392 263
Someone who has been arrested, charged and imprisoned for child molestation. Used only as an insult, highly offensive
"Yo, I hear the new guy's a goof"
by Drail June 05, 2005
282 193
a goof is a child molester in prison that likes little boys, they must be housed in protective custody as they are most often murdered or beaten into comas. they are the lowest form of life in prison. they are killed as a status symbol.
to snuff a goof is glory and brings rewards
219 144
A person acting in a stupid manner.
"What a goof."
by x January 22, 2003
199 159