It's a acronym used in prisons. It means Good Only On Friday. Way back when on fridays in the joint, shipments/mail would come on a friday. The prisoner who was good for nothing else would be good only on friday, when they had new smokes, or gifts, or whatever. You'd then procceed to beat them up and take their shit.
Tomorrow we hammer on Craig that Goof.
by Cj00 April 03, 2008
To perform a demeaning act or to fuck someone up real bad.
1)That car in the ditch got goofed
2)I just fucking goofed that kid while playing halo 3!!!!!
3)I just goofed on your moms face!!
by MIKE ROTUM January 25, 2009
1. To jizz
2. Jizz
3. When someone messes up
girl: did you just goof?

guy: i was with my chick and i goofed all over her face

guy: i got goof on my bed

guy: i just goofed
by sneakysneakerskeak May 02, 2010
weed that isn't dank. it gets you high, but leaves you wanting more and feeling like you just wasted 20 bucks. when you have taken a couple hits and you feel a little high but hope that you're about to get more high, your shit is probably goof.
"that weed was goof, i'll never buy from that dude again."

"the in n out was good, but the shit was goof so i didn't come"
by ihategoofweed April 06, 2009
A mistake or to make a mistake.
Sorry, that was a was a real .357 magnum round, not a .38 blank, I want a tourniquet for that?
by harry flashman July 21, 2003
A medium sized pinch of Smokeless tobacco that you place in you lip.
Kevin and jeff were both worked up from a long day of baseball practice so they decided to throw in a goof.
by kevin and Jeff February 05, 2009
a man or women that skin down kids or that rat on there freinds. They will steal from there own homies. They love the police.
Dave got caught with a gun told the cops that it was yours. Dave is a goof.
by J..Oh May 25, 2006
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