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Old English word for a freak or side show performer, i.e. a person who would bite the heads off of animals as public entertainment. More recently used a highly offensive prison and urban slang word translating into 'pedophile' or 'sexual deviant'. Offending 'goofs' are isolated in prison and outcasts in public for fears of being assualted or killed. This would be in a criminology context however. 'Goof' can be used as a harmless noun or verb if the intention of the underground meaning of the word is unknown i.e 'stop goofing around'. In most inner cities in the United States and Canada the word 'goof' would be interpreted as a serious insult i.e. 'fighting words'.
Ted Bundy was killed because he was a goof

Ted is a goof

Fuck you goof

by TheEndgameIsNow January 31, 2008
Noun, Singular;

1. someone who is loveable in a funny, silly way.

2. Chaplinesque
Everyone at home called him goofs, and he loved it.
by Kapu Dada June 10, 2013
Goat's Hoof
The Manjur is a musical instrument used in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf but with East African origins. It is made of Goofs attached to a cloth. It is performed by tying the instrument around the waist. The performer shakes his or her hip to create a rattle sound when the goofs collide with each other. FACT.

goat, hoof, manjur, dirty arab, persian, african, musical instrument
by Perraldite March 18, 2009
A more clean substitute for "f*ck". Used when someone wants to censor their own language.
Man: How did you do on that math test?
Girl: I goofed up.

Man: What did you do last night?
Girl: Goofing with my boyfriend.

Girl: Hey, what happened to you last night?
Man: Oh I was goofed up.
by BrownHawk March 10, 2014
The Canadian equivalent of the american term, punk. A word used in the Canadian prison system to describe informers, molestors, child killers and all inmates segregated from the general population in protective custody. In a looser sense, anyone who has become hated by the prison population in general for suspect behaviour, or irritating behaviour may be thought of as a goof.

To be called a goof, espescially if not true must be met by instant violence or you will lose all respect formerly given to you. If this isn't done, or you are incapable of defending yourself you may as well "check in." (ask to be moved to P.C., protective custody)
" You'd better check in dude, that guy called you a goof and you didn't answer." "That was a big mistake, even if you had ended up taking a beating it would have been better than doing your bit in p.c. with all those goof rats, skinners and kiddy diddlers." "Oh yeah, by the way, don't talk to me anymore. I don't want to be seen talking to a goof from p.c."
by zigzzagz October 28, 2012
Describing the action of taking a quick dive in the pool or swimming for less than 27 seconds. Most commonly used in afrikaans culture
Im going to go take a quick goof
by gidmeister June 19, 2014
goofing and goofed can also be used

A person who makes a mistake and gets a not so hard slap by a friend, or collegue.

its fun and games so dont OD on the goof

When america blew it in the world cup they GOOFED
Fred: Yo jack... i mean jim whats up

Jim: you just goofed *gives slap*
by Goofgod94 July 29, 2011